Review of Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix

Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix


Now I know that I normally review books not TV shows but I just read and reviewed the book Thirteen Reasons Why so I thought why not review Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix? So, here are my Thirteen Reasons Why I liked Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix (hahaha see what I did there?). By the way, I watched every episode with my Mom and we talked through the hard parts. You can see her review here on BooksByViolet.


Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker was fantastic!  She did a great job of really being the character, by the end of the show I was really attached to Hannah’s character.  Katherine Langford shout out to you because you did a magnificent job as Hannah Baker!


Then there is Clay Jensen, played by Dylan Minnette. He did an amazing job in Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix! He is runner up to Hannah as my favorite character because I liked him so much! I loved how he was a lot braver in the show than in the book because that is how he should be, that is how he should’ve felt in the book! In the book he should’ve felt a greater need to give justice to Hannah Baker. Just after watching the first two episodes I was attached to his character. He was believable and you could really feel what he felt.


The rest of the cast was also amazing, Jessica Davis, Justin Foley, Bryce, Alex, and everybody else, they were all wonderful and really had you pulled into the show, they really made you feel like you were right there with them. Big shout out to those who cast the show, you did a great job!


Obviously the script has to be given some credit here. Even if everything else is perfect a bad script can ruin a show. Thankfully the scriptwriter for Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix did a magnificent job making dramatic scenes and some really good stabs. To be honest, some scenes wouldn’t have been the same if the script had been any different.


Then there is where everything went down, the set. The setting is amazing, it is almost exactly how I imagined everything. There are the few exceptions of some places (cough cough ROSIES) but you know not everything turns out the way you imagined it. Besides that I loved the set, especially the school. The school used for the set was fantastic because it looked so similar to how I imagined it in my head, it was pretty freaky. Good job with that producers and set design managers!


There were some really powerful scenes that I thought were done really well and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I think my favorite one was when Mrs. Baker took the pictures of inside the bathroom stalls and took them to the parent meeting. Bursting in she showed them the pictures and asked why, why would kids write these things on the walls of the bathroom stalls. That was a super powerful scene in my opinion, it was awesomesauce. Then the scene when Justin Foley finally told Jessica, in front of everybody, that Bryce sexually assaulted her.  I thought that was an amazing scene to watch. This show had a ton of awesome and very powerful scenes that every kid should be able to watch an learn from.


The death scene. I liked it and I didn’t. During that scene I curled up in a tiny ball and cried. It was just super unnecessary and over the top. In the book she took pills and that was how she died. But no, they can’t do that in the show they have to have her BLEED OUT INTO THE BATHTUB!!! NO!!! Just NO!

Then her parents had to go into the bathroom and find her like that. It was the most devastating scene of the show. I liked it because of the parents’ reactions. I didn’t like them but I liked what they conveyed. The scene had a purpose, to really make you sad. You don’t want to be the parents in that situation do you. I wouldn’t . That is exactly how you are supposed to feel. These kids did that to her. Now how do you feel towards the kids? Not to hot, huh. Exactly.


The sexual assault scenes were well done because it illustrated what it needed to very well. It showed how defenseless some girls are to this abuse and how some boys just take advantage. I thought that they were exceptionally powerful scenes that needed to be included in this list.


This is a relatively small reason but is still an important one, to me at least. I think that it was really awesome that in Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix they made Tony gay. I know that is really small but it means a lot given the way some people are in this day and age. This definitely needed to be included as one of my Thirteen Reasons,


Tony’s car. I am sorry but his car was super rad and I am so glad that they stayed true with that in the series.  The old school red Mustang that plays cassette tapes is a very small but crucial part to the show. Even though the car might seem unnecessary it isn’t, that car plays a bigger role than most people see in both the book and the show.


The show was so much more in depth than the book if I am being honest. They really did a great job with giving the show a lot more to it and I really enjoyed it.  Adding the lawsuit to it made it so the show could possibly have another season (I can’t wait for season 2!!!!!). Then instead of Clay listening to all of the tapes in one night dragging it out over a couple days or so which was a great choice by them. There is so much more that the producers did to make the show more in depth but I won’t rattle them all of to you.


I would also say that the character development in the show was sooooooo much better than in the book it is ridiculous. In the show there are a lot more twists between characters and just more time to develop relationships between characters. I really enjoyed watching the relationship grow between Clay and Tony because at times Clay was totally mad and upset with Tony but another moment Clay is glad Tony is there and has his back. I just thought that the character development should definitely be included as one of my Thirteen Reasons Why.


My final reason is that Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix helped show what your actions can do to others. If you can stop yourself and/or someone else from doing or saying something bad then do it. You never know if that may be the last string of life that person is clinging to or if it will turn them down the wrong path. Thirteen Reasons Why isn’t glorifying or influencing suicide in any way, it is trying to get others to understand how your actions can affect others.

There you have it. Those are my Thirteen Reasons Why I liked Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix so much.