Divorced Parents & Braving the Holidays

Divorced Parents and the Holiday Season

The holidays are a tough time for divorced parents. It’s not easy watching your kids go off with your ex while you struggle to fill that time. And presents? There’s always some sort of competition. Ex-inlaws? New significant others? The list goes on and on and on. I admit, it is not an easy transition Read More

Help Your Kids Build the Perfect

Helping Kids Build Their Best Holiday Wish Lists

Are your kids like mine when it comes to their holiday wish lists? They swear they don’t want anything until they get started then you end up with a lengthy list of ridiculous items they will never use? Yep, been there. Don’t forget the flip size where they put three things on the list. This Read More

Trace's Transformation Tale

Transformation Tale Update: Technical Difficulties

Technical difficulties are threatening my Transformation Tale. Technical Difficulties 1, Oy, I’ve been going strong since July only to have my fitbit die on me. Have any of you experienced the progress bar of death? It happened to me and I’m feeling the pain. Pedometer apps only do so much – as in about half Read More

Fahrenheit 451

Autumn’s Book Review: Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

During school the 8th graders go to Washington D.C. I am in 7th grade but I take 8th grade language arts. There are three other 7th graders in my class so we were told to do a book club while the 8th graders were on their trip. After a big argument we settled on Fahrenheit 451. Read More

National Nachos Day

National Nachos Day! Sign Us Up!

Nachos are a staple in our house, especially when my parents visit and during ball season. So, basically, year round since my daughter started travel ball. It doesn’t look to change over the next year as both kids take on middle school extracurriculars. It’s difficult to stuff healthy food into their growing bodies when time Read More

Cap'n Crunch Cosplay

Halloween Costumes Part II: Cap’n Crunch

Maddox’s Cap’n Crunch costume came down to the wire this year because it was a bit of a challenge at some points. It seemed so easy and I was SO excited to do this one but, of course, nothing is easy. You know the character, right? Maddox decided to skip the boot covers because we’ve Read More