Keep Kids Creative

National Keep Kids Creative Week

Would you say you’re creative? Why or why not? It seems to me that creativity is the root of all advancements, entertainment, and fun in the world. Shouldn’t we foster creativity in our children, cling to it through adulthood, and allow our creative spirits to usher us out of life in the end? I’m fortunate Read More

Maddox as Frodo

Happy Hobbit Day, Have a Second Breakfast!

We are big Tolkien fans in this house so that means Hobbit Day is important. This week is actually Tolkien Week as well. If you’re not sure what all these crazy names mean, check out these blurbs from the American Tolkien Society. In our house, it just means a little second breakfast and some other Read More

Trace's Transformation Tale

Just Another Transformation Tale Update

Transformation Tale rolls off the tongue and sounds magical somehow, like Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother changing her raggedy dress to a stunning gown. Honestly, I half expected myself to give up on this whole thing by now. But I haven’t. Surprising myself more than anybody, I’ve really stuck with this. No, I haven’t hit all of the Read More

Happy National Grandparents' Day!

Happy Nat’l Grandparents Day Grandma & Papa

Today is National Grandparents day, and to celebrate this day, I am going to share some happy moments that I have had with them. Papa On A Skateboard Now this is definitely one of my favorites. My brother, Maddox, had finally convince Papa to ride his Skateboard and, well, he did. It was definitely a Read More

Autumn With Seax

My Social Studies Project: Making My Seax

This post was supposed to be a stupid sewing tutorial, but I have something WAYYYYYYY more exciting to share with you guys. I decided to tell you all about my Social Studies project for school. Sounds boring right now, doesn’t it? Trust me, it gets better. My Project My Social Studies teacher assigned us this Read More

Acorn Squash Sweet Bread

Acorn Squash Recipes for National Acorn Squash Day

It’s National Acorn Squash Day! My son absolutely loves this scrumptious veggie (especially the way my Dad makes it). This year, Maddox grew some acorn squash in our garden so we have a few good-sized squash. Sadly, squash borers got into our crop so we lost all of the plants before they could really produce Read More